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Rock 'n Roll
Danslessen en Dansshows

Voor man en vrouw (1e Les)

Important: at the picture below; Left side for Men... Right site for Women Te counting is:
1,2,3,and,4,5,and,6  (1,2,Tripple Step, Trepple Step)

Men starts with their left feet, Women with their right.

At 4  you turn 180 Degrees (Half-turn)
Men on their left feet, Women on their right. L & R sis of course Left & Right
basispas danslessen rock n roll


Only for men (2nd Lesson)

Ook hier is de telling:
1,2,3,and,4,5,and,6 (1,2,tripple step, tripple step) Important: the steps below nelong to each other.
So 2 times 6 count
Remember the numbers 3 and 5,
The frist 6 count you go to the left at 3,
The Second 6 count you go to the right at 5

basispas danslessen rock n roll man

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