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Dance to the 60's 

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The Rock & Roll  dance institution of the Netherlands.

Every sunday evening there is a rock & roll dance event of Dance To The Sixtie's at the Hagenstraat 22 ( Silverdome) in Zoetermeer. This is really not just for the elderly who want to relive the good old days but also the younger generation is having a whale of a time learning how to dance to this music. You start of with the basics and within a couple of months you dance like professional.Most people think of "rock & roll" of the rough movements as one can see  on TV or in the movies like "Grease". Those movements will be insructed on your own request and only when you have sufficiently progressed in the basics.

Dancing is not a must but pure pleasure!


Every Sunday,
Starters:from 19.00 till 20.15 and
experienced dancers:from 20.30 till 21.45.

By whom?
Lessons are being given by:
Martin & Silvia and Marco & Melissa whom
will help you from the basics to full Rock 'n Roll

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For whom??
Anybody wh loves Rock 'n Roll and loves a good party.
Condition is less important than enthusiasm.

What is the cost?
70 euro per periode (per person)

It consists of periods over the year:
periode 1:september to and including december.
periode 2:januari to and including march.
periode 3:april to and including june.

PWA Silverdome
van der Hagenstraat 20
2722 nt  Zoetermeer

Phone:  0031 (0)79-888 04 08 of 003 (0)6-230 50 364


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